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Get Answer To Query How Do I Remove A Un Trusted Computer To My Google Accounts?


After noticing some strange activity in your account, you checked setting page “account and import” section. There you find a strange email ID (Email ID that has nothing to do with you). Now, you want to know “How do I remove a untrusted computer to my Google accounts?” Here is the help for you.

Hacking always does not mean hijacking of account password and changing it. Hackers have become too smart now, they use all the options present in Gmail setting page to get into account and fetch out the data. One such option is “forward email” this option can be used to forward email of an account to any other email. Means emails coming to one account will be directly moved to desire Id.

This feature of Gmail was made to help account holders who use two different email accounts and face challenges in accessing both. They use this option so that, they do not miss any important email.

Nevertheless, hackers are now using this option in their favor. Instead, of hacking and changing account password, hackers get into account once and place their email Id in “forward mail” option. Now, each time an email is coming to users account will directly move into their account. Even if user changes their account password then also it will have no impact “forward mail” option. And thus hacker will still have access to account and emails coming to it.

How do i remove a un trusted computer to my Google accounts?

So, if you have got strange email in your account then here are the steps to remove it. First, open setting page of Gmail and go to “Account and Import” section. Go to option “Add Another Account” and check email present there. In-front of email Id mention option for “delete” and “confirmed” can be seen. Click on “delete” option to revoke access of account to stranger. Save changes. And now, your account is free from any strange access.

However, if you still feel some doubtful activity in account or you are not willing to work on instruction shared then you can call to Gmail support team and take help from them. Gmail technical support team is authorized service provider and they work round the clock. They can be best reached by calling to toll free helpline number.

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